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Jun 28, 2022

Welcome to the July 2022 energy forecast episode.  This episode will be a combination of insights into my world over June and diving into the July energy downloads and updates and some tools and tips to assist you with the next month ahead. 

In this episode I share:

  • June clinic and personal life update
  • Energy theme for...

Jun 21, 2022

We all need support in life! Especially us women, as we are often not given or shown the tools about ‘how’ to look after ourselves or what we really need. In this episode, we will explore why Kinesiology might be the missing support tool you need in your life or business. 

In this week’s episode we explore:

  • A...

Jun 14, 2022

In today’s episode, I’m super excited to be sharing with you the 10-year transformative journey and story of a client of mine, who is also a very inspiring woman to me, Sam Noonan. Together we explore her why as women we always have a choice in life and to never doubt your inner knowing. 

In this episode...

Jun 7, 2022

Welcome to episode 101 of The Energy Shift podcast. This week’s episode is a lot of fun, as we explore 101 simple tools or ways to re-energise in seconds. Sometimes we just need something to shift that negative or spiraling thought, bad day vibe or give us an extra little boost. So see which one or two resonates with...