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Jul 9, 2024

Can you answer these two simple questions

  1. Do I really know who I am?
  2. Am I living a life true to self?

When we aren’t in touch with our intrinsic nature and inner guidance we lose sight of what deeply matters to us, from the way we live our lives, care for ourselves and treat others and the mark we leave behind.

In this week’s episodes we discuss with Kat John an authenticity coach, keynote speaker, podcast host and soon to be author how we can live a life that is true and genuine to ourselves.

Highlights for this episode:

  • We discuss Kat’s life, career and business journey so far.
  • Learn about Kat’s business and life “why”.
  • Kat share’s why dance has been such a big part of her healing.
  • Understand what is the meaning of ZEROFKS.
  • Listen to a fun story about Kat’s podcast called REAL, RAW, RELATABLE.
  • Kat discusses her new book journey.
  • Learn where you find out about Kat’s work, podcast and new book.

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