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Oct 19, 2021

Are you constantly in charge or thinking about what’s for dinner, home chores, shopping lists, kids commitments, washing and planning holidays, etc? Did you know that there is a name for this never-ending list of to-do items constantly running in your head? It is called “The Mental Load” and today we will be diving into conversation about this topic with Carina O’brien.

In this episode we will dive into:

  • Carina’s career and new business venture
  • What is the mental load
  • Why the mental load impact women more than men
  • The burnout and mental load link
  • The three foundational steps for reducing the mental load\
  • Remove the word “Should” from your mindset
  • Why a task audit is essential for your home
  • The importance of outsourcing and ask for help
  • Carina’s top self-care non-negotiables
  • How you can connect with Carina

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