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May 3, 2022

When you commit to doing the inner work, you are often turning your past pain and fears into power. Naturally, this inner work leads to creating authentic and bone-deep change within yourself, your career or business and your external life. It can be scary to look inside, but also totally liberating. In today’s episode we discuss why doing the inner work is a part of living an aligned life with award winning business coach for women Angela Henderson.

In this episode we explore:

  • Angela’s life and work journey to date
  • Angela definition of the inner work
  • Learn about Angela’s shifts in business and life since doing the inner and mindset work
  • Understanding why the inner work is a continuous journey
  • Learn the type of inner work that has assisted Angela
  • Angela share’s what she wished she knew 5-10 years ago 
  • How to find out more about Angela and her work

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